Get your business point of sale up and running in minutes with the Clover™ Station. Complete with touch screen, rotating monitor, receipt printer, integrated bar code scanner, cash drawer and more.Request Info
Perfect for businesses on the go the Clover™ Mobile comes includes a touch enabled screen, built-in credit card reader (including Apple Pay and PIN Debit), front facing camera and more.Request Info
All the functionality of Clover™ Station in a compact low risk EMV compliant terminal. Includes touch screen, built-in receipt printer, bar code reader, internet and 3G capable, and more.Request Info
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Do Bigger and Better Business with Our Clover POS System

Have you just started a new business, or perhaps are planning to expand your existing enterprise? Dump yesterday’s cash register and join thousands of merchants who have made their businesses better and easier with the advanced Clover POS System. You’ll see the benefits of our comprehensive transaction management hardware and software even after just a single demonstration.

Customizable According to Your Operational Needs

Our standard hardware configurations — Clover Station, Clover Mobile, and Clover Mini — seamlessly work together to meet your business’ unique needs. Even if your store or restaurant may seem too large or busy for a standard system, that’s not a problem. Clover is fully customizable, designed to scale to the volume and complexity of your operations.

Various Features to Suit Your Business

Whether it’s a simple payment solution to a complete POS configuration, Clover’s cloud-based system has plenty of features that’ll easily handle anything your business requires. Some of the features and benefits of Clover’s POS system include:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Multi-device sales tracking and reports, staff scheduling, and table management
  • Customer relationship management (loyalty and rewards programs, etc.)
  • Hardware-software optimization that’s superior to iPad-based solutions
  • Remote back office support, free of charge
  • Future-proof system expandability that scales to your business

Clover’s POS systems are entirely touch-based with a sleek and beautiful user interface, making tasks like payment tracking and adjusting employee shifts easier than ever. Each Clover system provides specialized functionality depending on your operations and is customizable through special hardware features and dedicated Clover apps.

Clover POS sales have reached new heights with over 500,000 units sold, making our system a leading name in business platform solutions.