Clover™ Handheld Barcode Scanner

Motorola LI2208 Scanner – Clover-customized version (Recommended)

Reads 1D barcode such as UPC codes printed on products or bar codes from mobile phone or computer. Great for scanning items at sale, processing loyalty and gift cards, and coupons. Also available with an optional stand for hands-free scanning. Configured for plug and play with your Clover™ system.

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Clover™ Kitchen Printer

Star Micronics SP742ML

The only printer designed to work flawlessly with your Clover™ system. Fast printing, two tone, available in additional languages. Built to last in the kitchen environment. A great way to speed up your ordering process.

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Clover™ Kitchen Printer — Asian Character Version

Star Micronics SP742ML

Same as the regular Clover™ Kitchen Printer, but capable of printing traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, or Japanese.

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Clover™ Label Printer

Brother QL-710W

This printer will allow you to make custom labels for price tags, barcodes, or other labels. Will print up to 93 labels per minute. Wireless.

Available at major retail stores

Clover™ Weight Scale


The Clover™ Scale is specially configured to integrate with your Clover™ POS system. Speeds up the check out process by directly communicating with your Clover™ for anything you sell by weight. Weighs items up to 20 lbs. Can switch to grams.

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Clover™ PIN Debit Pad

FD40 PIN Pad

This pad can be plugged into your Clover™ Station for accepting PIN debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, MasterCard Paypass, and EMV.

The FD40 plugs into your Clover™ Station so you can accept PIN-based debit transactions, contactless payment transactions such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, and EMV (including support for both chip-and-PIN as well as chip-and-signature).

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Clover™ Printer Paper

3 1/8in Thermal Paper Roll

The Clover™ Station printer uses thermal paper rolls measuring 3 1/8x 230’.

The Clover™ Mini printer and Clover™ Mobile Printer takes rolls measuring 2 ¼” x 85’.

The Clover™ Kitchen printer takes (non-thermal) rolls 76mm wide with a roll diameter up to 85mm.

Clover™ Extra Cash Drawer

Your Clover™ Station comes with a cash drawer, but some businesses need more than one per station.

16.54” x 16.54 ”x 4.3”

Includes bill & coin tray, 2 keys, and a cable.

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Clover™ Tray Locking Lid

Fits your Clover™ Bill & Coin tray.

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Clover™ Merchant Keypad

Integrates with Clover™ Mini station. Allows for merchant to enter the sale or refund amount while the Clover™ Mini faces the customer and they swipe or insert their credit card or tap their phone to complete transaction.

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PIN Shield for Clover™ Mini

Optional accessory to shield PIN entry

Clover™ Mobile Printer

Integrates with your Clover™ Mobile system for printing receipts at the table or at any location. Comes with baseclip to easily clip onto belt.

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Clover™ Mobile Dock

Holds and charges your Clover™ Mobile. Can be placed on the countertop or mounted on a wall. You can even secure your Clover™ Mobile to the dock permanently. Some merchants like to have multiple docks.

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Clover™ Clip

Your Clover™ Mobile come with belt clip. Some merchants like to have additional clips.

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