Gone are the days when upgrading a POS platform meant buying a whole new system. The Clover POS system works very much like a modern smartphone, letting business owners add functionality to their POS by downloading Clover Apps.

Automatic software updates ensure your Clover Station, Mini, Flex, or Mobile stays secure and well-optimized for any task required by your sales and inventory management.

Don’t Miss Out on a Chance for Serious Productivity

If you wish to keep your Clover POS system as is — that’s no problem at all— it’s up to you. With app updates, you have the option to grow with the latest technologies and maximize the merchant capabilities of your business.

  • Want to do more than just process payments and receipts? Clover’s strong app ecosystem provides a wealth of additional functions for your POS platform — and all of it’s just a download away.
  • Need to monitor and adjust employee shifts? Download the Time Clock app!
  • Want some insights on purchase patterns to serve your customers better? Insights Unlocked has your back.

Are you a hybrid business owner that serves customers on- and offline? The Analytics Connector app lets you analyze physical and virtual sales.

The Future of POS Platforms

Back in January 2014, Clover’s system had a modest 7 apps to go with its launch. Today, over 240 apps populate the Clover app store, making ours the fastest-growing POS platform with support from 600 developers.

The opportunities for doing bigger and better business are virtually endless. And it’s all possible with just a sleek white box and Clover Apps.

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Clover™ POS for Retail
The most powerful tool there is for managing employees, time clocks, scheduling shifts. There’s even an app for employees to request time off, trade shifts, send out SMS messages, and notify your team by email.Reference Guide
Rewards lets you create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes — absolutely free, no strings attached. It’s simple: happy customers come back.Reference Guide
Clover Gift Cards is the ultimate gift card solution for your business! The Gift Cards app offers a simple and cost-effective gift card program to easily sell digital and plastic gift cards.Reference Guide
Simplify your accounting in minutes. Commerce Sync effortlessly transfers sales information to Xero, or QuickBooks.Reference Guide
Uses your transaction data for analytics used to boost your business. Know where your customers are coming from, where they spend their money, how you are trending compared to like businesses, and more. Allows you to know what products are selling and what’s popular by different customer segments.Reference Guide
Can you imagine never working on or filing your sales taxes again. Davotax sets aside your daily sales tax, then automatically files and pays your sales tax for you. Imagine your life without the frustration of filing taxes!Reference Guide
Want your business to be where everyone goes? Create loyalty with customer interaction through music. Customers can view store play lists, vote music to play sooner, and see who else is voting. Over 12 million songs to choose from.Reference Guide
Know your inventory count even when selling online and in a store.Reference Guide
That’s just a taste. Want to see what’s available for your business type?
Clover™ Apps