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I Don’t Know Which One I Want
POS Sales Store is proud to bring the ‘cutting-edge and all-encompassing’ Clover™ point-of-sale system to SMBs (small-to-medium businesses). Clover™ revolutionizes what you can do with a POS system, regardless of the nature of your sales or however unique your business situation is. With the flexibility of the Clover™ system and our commitment to exemplary, long-term support and service, you can rest assured that you’ll be in very good hands.

With your new Clover™ system from POS Sales Store, you will be able to easily cater to various payment methods, effectively monitor staff, trust a reliable on-the-go POS hardware, and more. Clover’s system, even without modification, is tailored to SMBs’ most pressing needs. This is where POS Sales Store experts come in: With a personal clover mentor and integration assistance, we make sure that the Clover™ system you choose is the absolute best fit for your business.

Clover™ Station – The Clover™ Station provides form and function in a POS system. This is the brand’s premier product, offering all the things that make a great countertop point of sale system in a beautiful package. A sleek body means you don’t have to reserve a large space for the system, and its multiple ports enable you to connect the devices you need beside the counter.

Clover™ Mobile – The perfect on-the-go POS system, the Clover™ Mobile is designed for easy, convenient portability, with the same level of service. It has a touch-enabled screen, a card reader for EMV debit and credit cards, PIN Debit, and allows for Apple Pay and other smart phone based transactions.

Clover™ Mini – Scalable by nature, small in stature, Clover™ Mini is the compact, multitasking POS system of your dreams. Not only can you customize it as a terminal only or a full-feature POS, it prints receipts and processes transactions fast with its integrated receipt printer, its unique design allows for peripherals to be attached including cash drawer, barcode scanner, scale, label printer, kitchen printer, and others. POS Sales Store can even set up Clover Mini as a customer facing kiosk or order display

Clover Flex-Portable and great for those on-the-go businesses that return to the counter frequently. With the same options as the mobile in a more compact design, integrated receipt printer and scanner, the Clover Flex give you versatility on the go and at the counter. On screen electronic signatures make this perfect for handing to your customers to complete a transaction. EMV dip, NFC for Apply Pay, PIN Debit, and card swipe can speed up your lines, turn tables faster, and show your business is efficiently modern.

The experts at POS Sales Store will seamlessly integrate any Clover™ POS system with your business so you can run your business the way you want to. Contact us today!