If your needs are on the small mobile side, the Clover™ Go is the perfect product for you. This no-fuss payment platform has two device options so you can accept EMV® chip, card swipe, and mobile payment services. Just pair it through Bluetooth, a smartphone, or plug the Clover POS reader into your headphone jack, now you can expand your business to wherever your customers are. In addition, you can complete orders made on Clover™ devices with the Clover™ Go, for added convenience.

The Clover™ Go is a very capable POS device. It can connect to different phone or tablet devices, the security is top-notch, and, with POS Sales Store, you have assistance when you need it. Furthermore, you can set tips and tax calculations along with sending paperless receipts through email or text.

If you’re interested in adding a mobile arm to your payment system, consider the Clover™ Go for how it combines transaction prowess and a compact form. Get in touch for more information!