The robust Clover™ Mini has many advantages as a POS system. At POS Sales Store, this superb system comes with our accommodating service and technical support. Clover™ will truly revolutionize the way you clear sales with its modern form and diverse functions. The built-in receipt printer of the Clover™ Mini and a forward facing camera that takes a picture of your employees at clock in, are just a couple of its highly innovative features.

Its compact size isn’t only an ode to advances in technology, it’s also a testament to how well Clover™ has designed the Mini. A bar code reader, and EMV card reader, and a large screen all fit properly in this compact POS package. As for its technical capabilities, the Clover™ Mini POS is built for speed and to run several apps that tackle payment processes as quickly as possible, keeping your lines moving and tables turning.

Clover™ Mini will bring your business to a new level and clear up your counter space with its all-in-one capabilities and clean design.

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  • 7” touch screen
  • Built in Receipt Printer
  • Integrated card swiper/EMV, contactless including Apple Pay, debit
  • Integrated bar code/QR code reader
  • Ethernet, wifi, 3g capable
  • Print and share reports
  • Cash Drawer
  • Software and Clover™ Apps