Clover Station POS Platform

Countertop POS systems have never been this beautiful. The Clover Station fuses sleek, futuristic hardware with intelligent, user-friendly software. It is the top-of-the-line POS solution for businesses that have no time for clutter and want to maximize productivity. This platform has comprehensive features with powerful POS functionality encased in a space-saving frame your customers will appreciate.

Internet Down? No Worries

Clover POS systems are cloud-based, which means all your data on sales, employees, and others are secure and easily retrievable. This might be a cause for concern when you don’t have reliable Internet. Rest assured that Clover Station can still take payments even with a spotty network connection.



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Clover Station Video

Ready-to-Use Out of the Box

When you order a Clover Station, you won’t have to mess with setup wizards and such — the system already comes configured to your needs, ready to do business and accept payments from your customers.
  • 11.6” touch screen
  • Receipt Printer
  • Integrated card swiper/EMV, contactless including Apple Pay, debit
  • Integrated bar code/QR code reader
  • Ethernet and wifi capable
  • Rotation Stand
  • Cash Drawer
  • Software and Clover™ Apps

Supported Payment Methods

More and more payment options are cropping up these days; don’t lose a sale because a customer wants to pay using the latest technology or app. Our Station is designed for fast and secure payments. It also works with traditional magnetic swipe cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, and more.

The Clover Station works with all of our other platforms to expand your accepted payment options to include EMV Chip Cards. These cards are the rising industry standard that’s slowly edging out swipe cards with microchip data storage.

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