Quick, efficient, and reliable – these terms reflect a good retail POS system. And when we talk of good systems, we talk of Clover™.  POS Sales Store is here to help you get started on the brand’s retail POS system. You can set up the perfect POS payment system whether you choose the Clover™ Station, Mini, Mobile, Flex, or Go. We’ll be here to assist you and to ensure that your POS setup meets your needs and offers benefits to your customers, as well.
The Clover™ POS system not only processes your payments accurately, reliably, and fast, it also monitors your sales and inventory, assists you with marketing, and even with bookkeeping. So, you can be a “service-first” business with the unparalleled advantage of high-performance technology. Let us know if you’re ready to take your POS system to the next level with Clover™ – you’ll be glad you did!

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